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LCBS is 100% owned and operated by Lake County residents. Our Investors and Board of Directors are prominent Lake County stakeholders dedicated to helping to make Lake County a place that supports our residents, local businesses.


Reasonably priced

We don't want to overcharge you just so we can make a profit. Instead, we charge reasonable rates we know you can afford.


Community Focused

We know the power that internet access can bring to a community, and are commiteed to making that heppen in Lake County.


Locally Understood

Our owners, board members, and employees are all Lake County residents. We know what it means to live and work here. 

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  •  (707) 262-7077
  • info@lcbs.co
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Lake County Broadband Solutions
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About us

Lake County Broadband Solutions is, and has been, committed to providing good quality, reliable and affordable high speed internet service since our inception in 2017. 

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