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Our Investors and Board of Directors are prominent Lake County stakeholders dedicated to helping to make Lake County a place that supports our residents, local businesses a beautiful place to live, work and play.

We increase the ability of Lake County residents and businesses to compete in today’s business and educational environment by providing modern communication technology at an affordable price.

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This is not a cellular or satellite service. LCBS utilizes the newest “Fixed Wireless” technology, allowing us to provide fast and reliable service.

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LCBS is 100% run by Lake County residents. This assures a quick response time. Rest assured your internet service will be there for you.

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If you're tired of being stuck in a long-term contract that limits your usage and keeps raising its prices, our no-hassle plan is perfect for you. 

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What services do you offer?We provide high speed broadband Internet to your home or business using breakthrough fixed wireless technology. After we install a device, usually smaller than a typical “satellite dish,” you’ll be wirelessly connected to high speed fiber. With a clear fixed signal path to your home or business, we utilize low-cost frequency bands, instead of the costly and congested cellular bands. LCBS’s innovative strategy delivers residential service with 20 – 40 Mbps downloads and 5 to 20 Mbps uploads at the affordable prices. We even offer discounted plans for qualified students, seniors, and veterans. Business plans range from 20 to 300 Mbps with dedicated, symmetrical speeds.

How is this different than cellular?Cellular wireless delivers service from high-power cell towers directly to your cellular devices, using frequencies that penetrate walls and buildings. Cellular wireless service often suffers from expensive plans with low data rates and low data caps.

LCBS delivers internet service via a low-power wireless device that we place on your roof, which then connects to your home or business network via ethernet cable. LCBS offers affordable service with much faster speeds and unlimited streaming and surfing.

How is this different than satellite?While orbiting tens of thousands of miles above the Earth, satellites transmit data to a dish on your home or business – and back up. This type of service is expensive, offers slow speeds and erratic performance, and typically comes with low data caps. Satellite-based Internet suffers from the delay, (called lag or latency), of long distance acknowledgements. It is not very good at interactive connections, which is why most web sites and gaming devices don’t work very well with this service. Internet-based music streaming does not work very well at all.

LCBS uses smaller outdoor wireless equipment that connect to other devices nearby, which then connects to your home or business network without sending a signal up to space. LCBS offers affordable and responsive service at much faster speeds.

Why is Lake County Broadband a better choice?Unlike cable and phone companies, LCBS offers affordable high-speed Internet without hidden fees, teaser rates, and unnecessary bundled services. Most importantly, we think, LCBS employees and owners live and work in Lake County and formed the company to address the unique needs of Lake County for Lake County.

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Thank you Lake County Broadband!!! I am watching Netflix at home whoo hooo!!! Awesome high speed Internet is so awesome!!

GretchenGretchenLCBS Customer

Just got LCBS service connected yesterday & couldnt possibly be happier. Our connection is perfect. Thanks LCBS!

RichardRichardLCBS Customer

We just got service with them. Great internet and service at a great price! Highly recommend.

DannyDannyLCBS Customer

The service is night and day to what DISH or was – we LOVE it!

JanaJanaLCBS Customer

Great Service! Everyone in Lake County should order it.

JudyJudyLCBS Customer

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We use the newest wireless technology on the market enabling you to bypass the networks of cable and phone companies to receive fast, local, and reliable Internet service in Lake County.

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Fast, Local, and Reliable broadband Internet for your business

Lake County Broadband Solutions (LCBS) uses the newest wireless technology on the market enabling your business to bypass the networks of cable and phone companies to receive fast, local, and reliable Internet service in Lake County.

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Lake County Broadband Solutions is, and has been, committed to providing good quality, reliable and affordable high speed internet service since our inception in 2017. 

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