Frequently Asked Questions

How does Lake County Broadband Solutions (LCBS) provide Internet service?

We provide high speed broadband Internet to your home or business using breakthrough fixed wireless technology by Mimosa. After we install a device on your roof, usually smaller than a typical “satellite dish,”  you’ll be wirelessly connected to high speed fiber. With a clear fixed signal path to your home or business, we utilize low-cost frequency bands, instead of the costly and congested cellular bands. LCBS’s innovative strategy delivers residential service with 20 – 40 Mbps downloads and 5 to 20 Mbps uploads at the affordable prices. We even offer discounted plans for qualified students, seniors, and veterans. Business plans range from 20 to 100mbps with dedicated, symmetrical speeds.

Can I be restricted from having a LCBS wireless device on my roof?

It’s ok, you’re good! The FCC’s Over-the-Air Reception Device Rule prohibits restrictions that impair the installation, maintenance, or use of devices for fixed wireless internet access. Apartment and condo residents also have the right to place fixed wireless devices within areas they control, such as balconies or porches.

What does LCBS install?

LCBS installs a wireless device near your roof that is usually smaller (and much nicer looking) than a typical satellite dish for TV service. We will connect this device to your home or business network using an Ethernet cable through a small power adapter.

How is this different than cellular?

Cellular wireless delivers service from high-power cell towers directly to your cellular devices, using frequencies that penetrate walls and buildings. Cellular wireless service often suffers from expensive plans with low data rates and low data caps.

LCBS delivers internet service via a low-power wireless device that we place on your roof, which then connects to your home or business network via ethernet cable. LCBS offers affordable service with much faster speeds and unlimited streaming and surfing.

How is this different than satellite?

While orbiting tens of thousands of miles above the Earth, satellites transmit data to a dish on your home or business – and back up. This type of service offers slow speeds and sluggish performance, and typically comes with low data caps. Satellite-based Internet suffers from the delay, (called lag or latency), of long distance acknowledgements (up to space, where the satellite is orbiting earth – take a look here – just drag your mouse over and see all of the satellite trajectories!! ).  It is not very good at interactive connections, which is why most web sites and gaming devices don’t work very well with this service. Internet-based music streaming does not work very well at all.

LCBS uses smaller outdoor wireless equipment that connect to other devices nearby, which then connects to your home or business network without sending a signal up to space. LCBS offers affordable and responsive service at much faster speeds.

Is my LCBS connection secure?

LCBS uses advanced encryption technology for all wirelessly transmitted data to protect the privacy of your internet connection. Your privacy matters to us.

Will bad weather affect my LCBS Internet connection?

The short-range fiber-like wireless links back to LCBS’s data center are not impacted by weather. From our data center, we connect directly to the Internet fiber backbone.

Why do I need faster upload speeds at home or at my business?

Many modern applications place a greater demand on upload bandwidth than in the past. Online, real-time games, such as Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games, require constant two-way communication to update your computer on what’s happening in the game world and to tell others what you’re doing within the game world.

Voice over IP (VoIP phones) also demands as much as 64Kbps of upload and download bandwidth during a call, or stuttering will occur. If you choose to run any of your own servers — such as a Web, game, or email server — available upload bandwidth will limit their performance for people outside your network.

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), came into the market just when we were all moving from a single desktop PC to multiple desktop PCs, then Laptops, then Notebooks, now iPads, tablets, Smartphones, and home appliances all use your home wifi signal. DSL was great for a single device but is not efficient if you have multiple devices in your home or office all using the same network, because they all need their piece of the “up” connection. Telephone lines – many over 50 years old – were not designed for today’s Internet.

Why is this important to you? To give you an idea, we have listed a few mainstream applications and their recommended “up” speed for just one device: Netflix: Requires 1.5 minimum (the more the better). Have 2 or 3 people watching Netflix at the same time? You are looking at a minimum of a 4.5 “up” connection, at the very least! Skype: Requires .100-1.5 Mbps for one person
. FaceTime: Requires .150 Mbps for one person.
 Pandora Radio: Requires .150 Mmps to .300 Mbps for one person.
 VoIP: Requires .080 Mbps per one person.

If you have a family trying to use internet-connected devices at the same time, or a business with a phone system, you need more upload speed.
 If your Internet runs slow or lags, even though you might have a 6-15 Mbps download plan, it is probably because your “up” speed is low. The lowest upload speed we offer 5mbps.

Why is LCBS a better choice?

Unlike cable and phone companies, LCBS offers affordable high-speed Internet without hidden fees, teaser rates, and unnecessary bundled services. Most importantly, we think, LCBS employees and owners live and work in Lake County and formed the company to address the unique needs of Lake County for Lake County.

What is the an “Enterprise” Business Plan?

Enterprise Business Plans include highest priority on the network if issues occur, static IP addresses available, preemptive monitoring and alerts, extended support hours, same day on-site service calls (after remote troubleshooting determines whether an on-site service call is needed. Next day appointments must be scheduled before 2 p.m. on the previous day).

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